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Living with Coeliac Disease - Janet Day

Date: Thursday 27th February 2014

I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease following a biopsy in February 2012, so have been on a strict gluten- and wheat-free diet ever since.  


A great help for me was joining my local support group, Wessex Coeliac UK Voluntary Support Group, who were most helpful with advice.  I am now on their very active committee.


Although the original diagnosis was daunting, I now love my gluten-free diet, which has encouraged me to be much more adventurous with all the fresh meats, fish, vegetables, cheese and fruit that are easily part of a gluten-free diet. 


I am now also really getting into all the baking, and cake, pudding and pastry-making that I thought would no longer be available to me, and Glutafin products are my staple go-to for this.  My gluten-free cup-cakes made with Glutafin gluten-free multipurpose white mix are now legendary, having made 128 gluten-free iced cup-cakes for my son's wedding last May.  All of the Glutafin pasta products are excellent, and my gluten-free lasagne dish is a favourite with everyone, with no-one noticing that the pasta is gluten-free!  (I will send in my own delicious no-fail lasagne recipe next.)  I also love the DS frozen pastry, which melts in the mouth, and my favourite nibbles are the DS pretzels.


I often make a gluten-free crumble with Glutafin multi-purpose white mix, as it is such an easy pudding, and is also a favourite with menfolk!  The apple, rhubarb and orange crumble came about when I did not have enough rhubarb from the garden to make just a rhubarb crumble, so added apple and orange to make up the quantities.  The resulting pudding was such a hit that it has become a regular.  Another successful fruit mix is apple and raspberry.  If you are short of time on the day, the crumble mix can be prepared in advance, and left covered in a cool place until needed.


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Glutafin Customer


Cooking and baking your own gluten free ensures you are safe, also gives you a sense of pride when others taste it and are surprised how good things taste. I have not known anything esle other than a gluten free diet and am now 75 and am so active, bones are good, blood tests good, its all been worth it and I love trying new recipes, keep up the good work for your health sake.

Glutafin Customer


I freeze my crumble mix and even though it is frozen either in a tub or bag it does not go solid and lasts for weeks.

Glutafin Customer


I use Glutafin mixes all the time. I live alone, so am frequently tempted just NOT to cook, but Janet Days article is inspiring. Tally Ho! for some pancakes tonight. I have three grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren who have inherited Coeliac condition. It is very hard for schoolchildren to cope, as they cannot go on school trips and so on. However, mine are coping well. I love your recipes!

Glutafin Customer


Hi my daughter age 6 has had blood test done for coeliac, which have come back positive so at present we are waiting for the biopsy to be done, I have to say this is all very new and daughting to me, I shall wait for the results to be comfimed but have been doing some research so I can be prepared, As she has a lot of sympoms, am very happy I found your very useful site thank you.

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