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The story of how Jodie was diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Date: Friday 8th May 2015


My name's Jodie and I'm in my mid thirties. I've always had a busy lifestyle working jobs with lots of UK travel, socialising, bowling and I'm a mum to 2 beautiful daughters. Before being diagnosed coeliac, my Mum would often joke that I was 'burning the candle at both ends' as I was always tired, I'd also suffered at times with anaemia - which was put down to my vegetarian diet. When I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter Eleanor in 2012/2013 my iron was especially low and I was kept under observation throughout my pregnancy.

After having Eleanor, I went back to the doctors for a repeat prescription for my iron deficiency and saw the newest doctor in the practice. They went through all the usual questions and then asked if I had ever been tested for coeliac disease? 'No' was my puzzled reply. Fast forward a couple of weeks and my blood tests had come back positive and 2 months later I went to hospital to have the dreaded camera procedure. Not nice but essential!

All of the results came back positive and it was as if a piece of a jigsaw puzzle had finally fallen into place! I now understood why I was always pale, tired and struggled with my stomach... The next step was addressing my diet. 

It took months for me to see the consultant and dietitian following up from my positive results and I must admit it was a very confusing time. Now I have my prescription in place, I have joined Coeliac UK and started following as many gluten free companies as possible on social media, it's all becoming a bit clearer.

My family and friends have been fantastic throughout and my doctor is a great support. I don't go out and eat as much as I used to - I feel like i'm causing a hassle at times.  I also hate being one of 'those shoppers' who has to stop and read the label on everything (soy sauce is full of wheat... who knew?!) but I do think there is a lot more knowledge about coeliac disease now than ever before. I've started to struggle with my weight which I wasn't expecting - my body now absorbs all the fat and calories as well as the vitamins and minerals I need, so a balanced diet is very important.

Finally, to anyone out there who thinks they may have coeliac disease, it's really important you go to your doctor and get tested properly. It's not nice to have to go through the 2 stages of diagnosis but once you get your results and know how you need to change your diet, you'll never look back. I'm not tired anymore, I am more active with my girls and I feel so much better it's unbelievable. Don't miss out!

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Glutafin Customer


Hi Jodie, Im pleased that you got a diagnosis early on in your life. Unlike the majority of us who plodded on year after year bringing up a family, Working, and being told that it was all down to Woman Problems.....So ...Enjoy being a Coeliac from now on, Its only a change in lifestyle eating for you and all the family, Good Fresh foods + a little bit of comfort eating does us all good...BUT please, don't stop going out to eat, it is so much easier now With all the EU regs and Eateries realising that they have to cater for all palates ..AND its up to You as a Coeliac to go out there and educate people at all times, about the need to eat safely, Gluten Free, anytime, & anything you fancy Take care and enjoy your Coeliac life....Cheers

Glutafin Customer


Its good to read your story. Although Im much older than you at 68, I also thought my busy lifestyle might explain my 25 years of anaemia. I also had osteoporosis, awful constipation and frequent brain fog. I was given colonoscopies twice and numerous laxatives often prescribed for the elderly. Ive moved house many times and 12th GP I saw arranged for the blood test and gastroscopy. Im so thankful for my coeliac diagnosis. My duodenum was at the worst level of deterioration but already after a year Im healing. Im no longer anaemic, my bone density is now normal and I feel much more alert. My only problem now is putting weight on!

Glutafin Customer


I too was diagnosed because of recurrent Anaemia and muscle pain and swelling. Sometimes I could not move my arms to get dressed without severe discomfort and I had to have a helping hand from my husband. Since diagnosis almost ten years ago, I haven't had any further problems and I am an active member of my local gym. I wanted to add, having read your blog, that it is possible to have a light general anaesthetic for the Endoscopy. I was blissfully unaware throughout. So if anyone is anxious, do ask about this before the second stage of testing.

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