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Have you tried the improved long life Glutafin Select Loaves?

Date: Thursday 28th July 2011

Breakfast and Lunch time can be hard when eating gluten free. One factor that restricts us is the availability of products such as cereals, naan breads, wraps and then secondly and more importantly whether they taste nice. That’s why I think finding a bread you like is key for breakfast and lunch meals!

I’ve always been quite fussy with bread and either used Glutafin Select Fibre Rolls or DS Brown Ciabatta Rolls.

But then I got asked to try the new, improved recipe of Glutafin Select Fibre Loaf, and now it is my favourite bread!
You may think I am biased because I am writing a blog on the Glutafin site, so I‘ve added comments below from some of the coeliacs who have recently tried the improved recipe.

Please feel free to place your own comments below in the comment box or check out others!

''Many thanks for your new Glutafin seedy and white loaves. Of all the products on the market these two loaves are the very best and as near to the ordinary loaves of bread containing wheat and gluten sold every where. Your bread is an absolute must for coeliacs. I would like to thank all of you at Glutafin for the research and hard work put into achieving such a remarkable result in providing the perfect solution in bread making for coeliacs'' E. Roberts, Cambridgeshire

‘‘It‘s the best bread I have tasted since being diagnosed 18 months ago. I have seen my practice nurse and she has altered my prescription so that I get it next time I order.‘‘ V. Barker, Kent


‘‘WOW!!!! I received a free sample from you of your new Select White Loaf. What can I say!!!!!....It was as I would say YUMMIELICIOUS. I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease last year. To be honest with you, I didn't like the bread, so I opted for Genius bread. I am delighted to say that your improvement on the bread has definitely won me over and I will be changing my prescription to your new bread. I can't wait to renew my prescription.‘‘ A. Gane, Southampton


''A quick note to say how impressed I am with the new style long-life 'Select' gluten-free loaves. A tremendous improvement! '' C.Stanley, Nottingham

When speaking to the Glutafin dietitian she was telling me it is important to achieve an adequate intake of nutrients when following a gluten-free diet. The new loaves really help with this as each loaf now has more nutritious gluten free ingredients added.

In the fibre loaf there are seeds and nutrients such as sunflower seeds (a source of fibre (to maintain a healthy gut), omega 6 fatty acids (for a healthy heart), vitamin E (an antioxidant to protect body tissues), magnesium (necessary for the formation and maintenance of healthy bones), selenium (maintains good overall health), and linseeds (a source of fibre to maintain a healthy gut, and an important vegetarian source of omega-3, important for a healthy heart).



The loaves can be eaten straight from the bag, which is great as this means no need to refresh them before serving. It is tasty enough to be used straight for your sandwich rather than you just using it for toast! What is also handy is the Glutafin Select Loaves are available to order individually so you can choose any combination you like and for those who are lactose intolerant, this bread is great for you as it is lactose free!


  white loaffibre low resseeded gluten free bread

I would advise if you haven’t tried the loaf since the new version came out in June then please do. The Select White, Fibre and Seeded loaves have all been improved. I think you may surprise your taste buds!

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Glutafin Customer


I was tempted to try another loaf that has just become available on prescription and it confirmed my view that Glutafin is way out in front. No need to toast it - it make a splendid sandwich, and the thick crusts make a very passable bruschetta!

Glutafin Customer


I am so pleased I have got back in touch with the email. The longer life bread I shall certainly give it a try as I am the only one in my household who is coeliac! They will not eat my bread so I tend to lose a lot but as the new gluten free loaf lasts 8 weeks so I will give it a go! I have been buying genius seeded bread which I find the best yet but will give Glutafin a go.

brenda skelton


How do you buy if not got a prescription is it stocked in the shops and where???

Glutafin Customer


A huge big thank you for your new improved seeded select loaf. After years of toasting bread I can now have a sandwich or even jam on bread. I also have tried so many different breads and this is by far the best. Thank you for all your other products also which makes life for me as a Coeliac so much easier....keep up the good are all fantastic....

Glutafin Customer


I did try the brown sample you sent me and made a cheese and salad sandwich. I am sorry but I did not like it and it also fell apart. I will be continuing with Genius - it also falls apart but tastes better. We are all different!

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