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How do Glutafin ambassadors help your pharmacy?

Date: Thursday 19th December 2013


Hi, I'm Sam Hobday and I've been an Ambassador for Dr Schar (Glutafin and DS Gluten Free) for about 7 months now. Before coming to work as an ambassador, I worked for 6 and a half years in Pharmacy. I am also a Coeliac so have first hand experience of the disease and also the problems GP's and Pharmacies can face when presented with a request from a patient.


On a visit, I would usually discuss the company Dr Schar, it's prescription brand Glutafin and the retail brand DS Gluten Free, the products and the different ranges that we offer. I would also discuss the help and support that myself and that Glutafin can offer health care professionals. We aim to make the visits as informative as possible without taking up too much Pharmacist time, so I very often talk to dispensers or technicians who can then feedback where necessary.


If you would like to book a pharmacy visit please call 0800 988 2470 or email

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