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Guest Recipe - Treacle Toffee Apple Sponge

Date: Thursday 24th November 2016

Here is a guest recipe from the lovely Denise at Milliemoo's Bakes. Denise makes a range of fantastic cakes in a completely gluten free environment, these are all available to order for special occasions!


Toffee Apple Cake





Treacle Toffee Apple Sponge

45 mins (one 6" tin) or 30 mins (split into two 8" tins)

Gas Mark 4



8oz Glutafin Gluten Free White Mix

6oz butter

6oz caster Sugar

3 eggs

1 tsp vanilla extract



Place all ingredients in a mixer and whisk for 2 mins before transferring all ingredients into a well-greased and lined Cake tin.  

Once cooked, let cool and then split into 3 or 4 layers, all depending on the height of Sponges.


Buttercream and Filling

6oz butter

12oz icing sugar

Apple extract about 15 drops as it’s quite strong

Apple puree (as desired)

Mix butter and half the sugar. Once beaten together, mix in the remaining sugar and apple extract until smooth.

Place buttercream on one layer and the puree on the other (lf you can, put a very thin layer of buttercream before adding the puree as it can make the sponge soggy). Repeat until all layers have been filled.

Chill cake in fridge for at least an hour, this will make cake firmer to work with.

With remaining buttercream, spread evenly around edge of cake (it doesn’t have to be perfect), again place in fridge for half an hour and then add a final layer of buttercream.


Treacle Toffee Sauce

250ml double cream

120g dark brown sugar

60g butter

50ml treacle sauce (optional)

Melt butter, sugar and double cream over a medium heat and stir until its starts to boil. Take off heat the heat and add treacle before leaving to cool leave to cool (it makes plenty and is good to use on ice cream, and other desserts but do keep refrigerated)

Pour Sauce in centre and gently smooth to edge of your cake to give dribble effect, l add fudge pieces too.


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