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Your top tips for a gluten free year!

Date: Wednesday 14th January 2015

The New Year brings fresh resolve and an excitement for things to come.

With that in mind, we asked you for your #GlutafinGlutenFreeTip2015 to share with the coeliac community and help others have a happy and healthy gluten free year!


Spagatti'Don't think about what you can't eat, think about what you can eat'

Joanna Perry via facebook

'Everything has a #glutenfree alternative! You just have to find it / cook it / bake it!" #GlutenFreeTip2015'

 @Coeliacliv via twitter



Pancakes'Cook from scratch as much as possible!'

Liz Sherriff via facebook





Banana bread'Don't assume you have to just buy foods marked Gluten Free, read the labels on all food packaging, also, don't assume that just because an item doesn't contain Gluten in one manufacturers own product that the same is true for someone elses!'

Amanda Marie Gray via facebook



Reading label

'Joining @Coeliac_UK and attending @AllergyShow really helped'

DowneySm via twitter




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