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August gluten free recipe is a delicious sponge slice

Date: Wednesday 1st August 2012

Each month we will bring to you a new recipe that contains products that are in-season in the UK that month. This means they are more readily available in supermarkets and probably cheaper than when out of season! 


August's in-season product is Plums. The reason Glutafin choose plums as this month's seasons product is because our dietitian tells us plums contain no fat, no cholesterol or no sodium. It’s a good source of Vitamin C and antioxidents. Very healthy for you!


gluten free plum recipe

Therefore this month's recipe of the month is Plum and Almond Sponge slice. Mmmmm! This moist sponge cake combines two subtle flavours to achieve a truly tasty cake that can be enjoyed as a dessert or with a cup of tea.


Jen our gluten free blogger would actually recommend having it with a cup of tea with friends at 2pm and as a dessert with your partner at night as the taste is so delicious! 

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