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Gluten Free and Wheat Free Crackers

Date: Tuesday 26th June 2012

Hi, this is Jen, the gluten free blogger and I have started eating Glutafin crackers so I thought I would share my opinion on them!

A recent addition to the cracker range - delicious Glutafin Mini Crackers are perfect for snacking on the go. I take them everywhere. They come in a handy resealable bag, so these crunchy little bites can be eaten straight from the pack or accompanied by your favourite toppings. They are great for taking on holiday or when visiting friends and family! If you have any savoury cravings then I always eat these as crisps can now be contaminated with gluten due to the factory lines. You will of seen more crisps like this since the gluten free labelling laws were launched in January 2012.

Glutafin Savoury Shorts have recently been improved and are a fantastic cheese flavoured biscuit. Some current coeliacs I know that use them crumble them in soups or even onto salads. They have a hard texture to prevent crumbling and they come with 3 handy portion packs, each containing 6 biscuits, in each box. We recommend them to any cheese biscuit fan! You can eat them by themselves or add your cheese toppings!

Glutafin also has a number of other gluten free and wheat free crackers such as a high fibre cracker, savoury crackers and Crispbread!

All of these are also available to buy from 2nd July on the Holland and Barrett website.

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Glutafin Customer


My daughters love these. They take them in their packed lunch and are also handy for me to take anywhere for them.

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