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Did you know Glutafin have gluten free baguettes?

Date: Monday 16th April 2012

Hi, it's Jen, the gluten free blogger! 

It's National Bread Week this week and you may of seen Glutafin's new bread adverts on their Website. This advert made me realise that Glutafin have gluten and wheat free baguettes among their gluten free food range! Something I am sure a lot of you also didn't know about.


One mum I was speaking to has a son who is coeliac and uses the Glutafin baguettes to make the son feel at ease when they are out or he is in school, as he feels like he is having a Subway! The Glutafin baguettes are really long, moist and soft but also come in it's own pack so they stay fresher for longer and means you can take them with you if you are travelling.

gluten free baguettes


They also do some great rolls for BBQ's. I always feel awkward at BBQ's but now I will be taking Glutafin's long white rolls as it means I can have hot dogs, BBQ sausage sandwiches and chicken sandwiches like my friends make at BBQ's. A great roll for burgers are the Glutafin Gluten Free Wheat Free rolls and Glutafin has a delicious gluten free burger recipe...I make it most Sundays if I don't fancy cooking a full roast dinner! 

gluten free burger

Some of the breads contain 'gluten free wheat starch' and some don't contain any. I have split the gluten free bread and rolls from the gluten free and wheat free bread and rolls, then if you have been told to avoid 'gluten free wheat starch' (also known as Codex wheat starch) by your doctor or dietitian, you can just look at the gluten and wheat free breads. 


My favourite bread ever is Glutafin Select Fresh White and Glutafin Select White bread, and I didn't even eat white bread when I could eat gluten! They are so soft, moist and the crust is lovely and as the breads are fortified with calcium and fibre I know I am getting nutritious breads! I do every now and again have the two ciabatta style gluten free rolls! My favourite is the Glutafin Gluten Free Wheat Free 4 Fibre rolls as they have a nutty texture and are very nutritious!


gluten free rolls

Glutafin's Select White, Fibre and Seeded Loaves provide essential nutrients when on a gluten free diet. They are all high in fibre, a source of folic acid and a source of calcium. The Select Fibre loaf also has additional ingredients such as sunflower seeds (a source of fibre), omega 6 fatty acids (for a healthy heart), vitamin E, magnesium (for healthy bones), and linseeds (an omega 3 source). So your next sandwich using Glutafin fibre loaf is also helping your overall health! 


gluten free ingredients

Here is the list of gluten free breads, and gluten and wheat free breads and rolls that Glutafin offers! To find all the breads, their ingredients, nutritional information and pharmacy ordering codes then see their individual food pages in the Glutafin's food section. 

If you want to liven up your lunch then see our gluten free sandwich ideas



Gluten free breads 

  • Glutafin Select Fresh White bread
  • Glutafin Select Fresh Brown bread
  • Glutafin Select White bread
  • Glutafin Select Fibre bread
  • Glutafin Select Seeded bread


Gluten and wheat free bread and rolls

  • Glutafin Gluten Free Wheat Free White Loaf 
  • Glutafin Gluten Free Wheat Free Fibre Loaf 
  • Glutafin Select 4 part baked white rolls (ciabbatta style) 
  • Glutafin Gluten Free Wheat Free 4 fibre rolls (ciabatta style) 
  • Glutafin Select 2 part baked long white rolls (like a hot dog style bun)
  • Glutafin Gluten Free  2 Baguettes 
  • Glutafin Gluten Free Wheat Free 4 White Rolls (good for burgers) 
  • Glutafin Gluten Free Wheat Free White Loaf 

Find the full Glutafin range in the gluten free product guide

gluten free front cover

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Glutafin Customer


The baguettes are available Nicola, just ask your GP


Glutafin Customer


Hi - Are the baguettes available to order on prescription? Thank you

David MacMillan


After receiving my free sample of fresh white bread and being able to have a toasted sandwich again I just had to put my order in for more. Thanks glutafin

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