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Jen shares her 1st gluten free baking experience..which is also her 1st baking experience!

Date: Wednesday 11th April 2012

Hi, its Jen, the gluten free blogger.


I have been on a gluten free diet for over 4 years now. Wow that has gone fast! At first I found it hard to stop my symptoms from returning. I was avoiding obvious foods such as cakes, bread and my favourite lunches pitta bread and wraps. Over the next few years I started to control the symptoms by learning more about checking ingredients on everything including crisps and chocolate, asking restaurants more questions about what is gluten free e.g. do they cook batter or breadcrumbs in the oil for chips, are the sauces thickened with sauce (Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions! It is better than paying to feel ill!)


gluten free carrot cakegluten free chocolate cakegluten free cake


gluten free flour mix

After 4 years I am now missing foods such as Carrot cake, chocolate puddings and even Victoria sponges (even though I didn’t eat a lot of sponge cakes when I could eat gluten).

So I decided to give Glutafin’s Multipurpose flour mix a try and try for the first time to bake a cake.

The recipe that looked delicious on Glutafin’s recipe page was the Toffee Apple Cider cake. So after going to John Lewis for some baking kits I started baking.


gluten free cake recipe

Wow it was easier than I thought! You literally mix everything together then put it into a cake tin. Yes my clothes were full of flour but I actually really enjoyed it!

After 30 minutes I pulled the cake out of the oven like the recipe said. The cake was a lot thinner than I would of thought and after pricking the cake it looked cooked. However after I cooled it I realised it wasn’t quite done. Tasty but not as spongy and was more like a tart.


As my baking skills weren’t quite up to scratch I decided to join a cake club! Brave! As this cake club wasn’t being taught how to make a cake, it means all members make a cake and bring it for all at the club members to try! So this meant my first cake club session had 20 women all trying my cake. The theme was Spring Tea so I decided to try Glutafin's Toffee Apple Cider cake again. But this time I decided to improve upon my last cake.


I think whether your new to baking or new to gluten free baking it still means Trial and error!


''I decided to add a little more baking powder to Glutafin's Multipurpose flour mix to see if this will make it rise more, and the Glutafin home economist said every oven is different so it is best to make judgement on when you think the cake is cooked (erm I will give it a go but I am new to baking!) I realised after reading the recipe I hadn’t whisked the eggs before adding them to the cake mix (I learnt this is important when cooking gluten free from a girl at my cake club).''


gluten free cake

My second attempt was perfect! The apples lingered on your tongue after eating it, creating this delicious taste. And the 20 ladies thought so too!


So my advice for anyone new to baking:

• Follow the recipe exactly (including if it says whisk eggs)

• Your oven will be different so make your own judgement on whether it needs 5 minutes less or more than what the recipe says 

• If it doesn’t work the first time, then try again! Because once you get it right you can make it again and again and again. .....I made it again the week after as I didn’t have much left to eat myself after the cake club!

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