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Are you friends with the correct Glutafin facebook page?

Date: Thursday 4th August 2011

The 'Glutafin coeliac' facebook page will be superseded by the 'Glutafin gluten free foods' page. Have a check on Facebook that you are a member of 'Glutafin gluten free foods' as the 'Glutafin coeliac' page will be closed in September.

If you‘re not a member do join as members are constantly asking gluten free questions that may even help you. Glutafin discuss gluten free restaurants, gluten-free products, latest coeliac news, gluten free baking and members are even posting their own recipe pictures. It’s a great way to get in touch with hundreds of coeliacs or ask them questions about living gluten free.

Join Glutafin on Twitter @Glutafin to get quick updates from Glutafin on latest coeliac news or product changes.

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