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Glutafin Fabulous Five

Date: Friday 15th January 2016

Glutafin’s Fabulous Five. Here we share our top five products and some great recipes to help ensure January 2016 can be as delicious as possible, especially after all the Christmas indulging! Each product can be tailored to your taste-bud needs so there is no need to feel restricted with your food options. Have a read of this post and we hope you find some gluten free food-spiration!


Gluten Free Select Multipurpose White Mix 
The Glutafin Multipurpose White Mix is our most loved product and it’s clear why. It is extremely versatile; you are able to create and bake all sorts of goodies ranging from cakes and pastries to wraps and gravy. You can even create batters for meals such as toad in the hole. The mix allows you to continue enjoying the food you love, simply creating it gluten free! Over time we have found that this product encourages customers who may not have been baking experts in the past to try their hand at it. It's also good source of calcium and folic acid for healthy bones and digestion. We are sure you will find something that is delicious to bake or cook so get creative!

Gluten Free Fresh White or Brown Loaves
Bread is a staple food in Britain. It is probably one of the first foods an individual is most concerned about when they are diagnosed with coeliac disease. For this reason exactly is was very important to us that we got this product right. From previous feedback we have found that customers are able to substitute the bread they would eat in their normal day with our Fresh White Loaf and find it enjoyable. This is great to hear as it means you can still enjoy tasty sandwiches at lunch or dinner or as a quick snack and be assured that it is gluten free. The bread is high in fibre, a good source of Folic Acid and Calcium and is Lactose free.

Gluten Free Pasta Fusilli 
Similarly, pasta is also a food favourite so it is no surprise that the product it made it to our Fabulous Five. Our Gluten Free Pasta Fusilli can be cooked with your favourite sauce or put with a salad or greens for a slightly lighter lunch option. Cook in batch and save it for the next evening or your lunch the next day. When you are cooking, we recommend a splash of olive oil to ensure you get the best possible taste. All our pastas are gluten free, wheat free and lactose free and still taste good!

Gluten Free Part-Baked 4 Fibre Rolls
Our Fibre Rolls are great either eaten straight from the pack or warmed up for a nice toasty finish. As the name would suggest they are high in fibre and are also Lactose free. A favourite with coeliacs, they have a delicious texture and nutty flavour and can even be eaten after freezing. 

Gluten Free Crackers
The final instalment of our fabulous five is our Gluten Free Crackers. With a recent recipe improvement,  (blog post here) this product is popular favourite to have at almost any time of the day, whether that be in the morning for a late breakfast, as a snack in between meals or in the evening for supper. They have a great crunch and are the perfect light option that will go with almost any component, cheese, jam or hummus to name a few!

Feeling inspired or need more ideas? Head over to our Product and Recipe sections of the website to find more great recipes made with some of these top products. 

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