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Gifts for Coeliac's under �25

Date: Thursday 17th December 2015

Buying presents can be a stressful experience – we’ve all been there, trying to find the person ‘who has everything’ a practical yet meaningful gift. So when it comes down to buying that same person a gift that is also suitable for a coeliac, it can cause panic.

Don’t worry! The first in a two part series, this post covers what to buy your coeliac friends and family under £25. So grab a pen and paper!

1. Gluten Free restaurant vouchers

There is something about going into a shop or restaurant and spending a gift voucher that is strangely satisfying – being able to purchase a great product or enjoy an experience you love without having to put your hand in your pocket. So why not buy your coeliac loved one a gift voucher for a gluten free restaurant? This way they can use your thoughtful gift to enjoy a slap up meal for free. If you’re lucky you might even be their choice of company..

Gluten Free Roads is a fab website we provide to make it easier for individuals to maintain a gluten free diet. There are over 53,000 shops and restaurants to choose from so we’re sure you’ll find something you like!

2. Gluten Free recipe books

A gluten free recipe book could be extremely useful for a coeliac. Baking and cooking food at home that is gluten free can ensure food is made exactly to an individual’s preference and needs. With lots of recipes and images for inspiration, this gift could really help an individual integrate being a coeliac as part of their lifestyle. Good quality yet reasonably prices books can be found on Check out our recommended read from Michael McCamley..

3. Gluten Free chocolates/beer

Gluten free chocolates are a gift perfect for coeliacs with a sweet tooth. Hotel Chocolat do some great gluten free options ranging from all prices!

4. Baking essentials

You’ve got the recipe books now you need the baking essentials! Baking essentials don’t have to be about price, with lots of meals being prepared in the kitchen why not buy a coeliac a stylish apron? Not only will it make an individual look the part but it’s a great way to brighten up the kitchen too! Storage containers are a great meaningful gift to avoid any cross contamination of foods. Baking essentials such as bowls, spatulas, a timer etc. can all help make your coeliac friends or family feel like a gluten free cooking pro!

There is a bunch of under £25 gifts, don’t miss our next post on gifts over £25!


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