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The story of how Gary was diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Date: Friday 8th May 2015


The symptoms I experienced before being diagnosed with coeliac disease was; tiredness, bloating and psoriasis. 

For years I've had psoriasis and when I've eaten certain foods like bread and drank, my stomach would bloat up and my blood used to feel like it was boiling, it used to make me scratch my skin. 

I am self diagnosed as I voluntarily went to the doctors and requested a blood test. 

I explained my symptoms to the GP and I asked him if I could have a food allergy test to see if I was allergic to any food. 

I was told to go for a blood test, which showed my iron and vitamin b12 levels were very low. My GP decided to refer me to hospital to see a consultant. 

When I had my appointment with the consultant he said that I had coeliac disease and I was like what's that?

He explained what it was and that I would need a gastroscopy to confirm the diagnosis.

I had my gastroscopy and the results came back inconclusive, the surgeon at the time did the procedure wrong, he had only taken one sample of my gut when he should have taken several. So I waited another six months in order to see my consultant who said it needed to be done again. The second time they did the procedure they removed about seven samples from different parts of my gut/bowl, when the results came back it was then confirmed.

I would say that it had taken the best part of a year and a half to become diagnosed, which was really stressful.

The adjustments that I now make to my lifestyle are just constantly being aware of what I eat. I now do the shopping so I can see what I'm buying and I get used to what foods are ok etc. 

Shopping is not so bad, the only down side would be if I wanted a takeaway, most places don't cater for gluten free food but on the other hand it keeps the waist line nice and slim!

I feel supported being a coeliac as I get my staple foods on prescription. There are websites that keep you up to date with new foods that are available, however I think supermarkets could do more to offer a wider range of gluten free foods. Additionally GF food is also quite expensive and when I’m doing a family shop it makes the total bill a lot higher. 

The advice I would give to anyone with coeliac disease is try to be happy with your diagnosis and embrace it. Some days it will get you down because there are certain foods that you will like and can’t have but in the end it's for your own good. 

Ever since I have been on the diet I can tell a big difference with my digestive system and my iron and b12 levels have now returned to normal. 

The way I see it is I'm enjoying the food that I eat and as for the takeaways I can't eat, there's always an alternative I can buy or I can just as easily cook it. 

Don't think that you’re alone with this condition, I have noticed that more people are getting diagnosed which can only be a good thing for the future. 

Thanks for reading my story.


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Glutafin Customer


Hello I am not yet diagnosed but reading Gary s report of his and several of the others I also have the symptoms of Coeliac, as my digestion is always feeling as if sitting in my stomach when have eaten something quite small and not right like bread that has gluten or Wheat which I ad a test done at Holland & Barratt one year and was told I was sensitive to Wheat tuna and Tea and coffee, I left off Wheat and found I felt so much better and also left off gluten also which helped me a lot , I found that places where because I was also diagnosed with Diabetes2 after finding out I was sensitive to wheat, I have my diabetes controlled had made it nearly non diabetes now with diet and exercise but I still have this blistery rash I get on front of my leg below my knee and on my fore arm near my elbow, which I after reading some reports in the Health mag from Holland and Barratt about Dermatitis Herp DH and it showed exact what I get, and I also seemed to have bloated tummy and has caused a hernia near my belly button now I have made a doctors appointment but have a two week wait to see him that is how long the waiting list at my surgery is, but thank you for the comments reading these have confirmed what I have and know I do need to see my doctor but being my age they never want to deal or treat older people,. Elizabeth

Glutafin Customer


Glutafin please help! Ive just left a message for Gary but called him by the wrong name - Daniel - whooooops! Can you please change my earlier message. Thank you

Glutafin Customer


Hi Daniel and thanks for telling your story. I really feel for you having to undergo two gastroscopies within such a short time and being so patient while you waited for the confirming diagnosis. Thanks for sharing your symptoms - although I was diagnosed nearly fifty years ago, recently Ive suffered from psoriasis again and Id forgotten the coeliac connection. Now Ive read your story I realise Ive slipped off the diet a little and so Im suffering again. Back to the diet for me! Hope you will continue to find interesting and fun ways to make your life and eating a pleasure. Thanks and best wishes, Treb

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