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Enjoying a Gluten Free Christmas

Date: Monday 21st December 2015

Christmas doesn’t have to be any different for those with coeliac disease.  Here at Glutafin we aim to ensure those who require a gluten free diet can enjoy a lifestyle in which they don’t feel alienated from the holiday season. This blog post will provide you with an easy to follow food guide from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. We hope by reading this, you can take some food-spiration for the big day!

Christmas Eve

Our Beef Wellington is a great to put together on Christmas Eve. Delicious beef wrapped in puff pastry to get you in the mood for the feast that is Christmas Dinner. For those who are vegetarian our Gluten Free Select Vegetable Pasty is a classic English dish made with our Select Multipurpose White Mix. Pair both with some scrumptious sides and we’re sure they’ll go down a treat!

Christmas Day

Preparation is key for Christmas day – we’ve all learnt this the hard way! Christmas starters are a great way to kick start the day. Our whole cracker range is a great light yet filling option that will go with any component nicely. Top them with cheese or salmon or crumble in your favourite winter soup! The Glutafin Part Baked Rolls are also a good alternative to enjoy.

The Christmas Eve mains are great for Christmas Dinner alternatives too. Other menu ideas for your Christmas menu can be our Gluten Free Select Smoked Haddock Roulade, enjoyed with Select Yorkshire Puddings and our Gluten Free Select Gravy. If you’re a fan of bread sauce you will love our gluten free recipe made with a Gluten Free Select White Loaf! And there you have yourself a flavorful, filling Christmas dinner! Our Gluten Free Select Cauliflower Cheese is a good vegetarian option or simply a side to accompany the rest of the dinner!

Boxing Day

Most people go down the buffet style route for Boxing Day. It’s quick, easy and great for making use of those delicious left overs - if you’ve managed to acquire any from the day before that is! Present them in or on large serving dishes and they will look just as good as they did first prepared! Additional menu ideas could be finger sandwiches made from our Seeded Loaf filled with leftovers such as Turkey or Beef (providing additional components haven’t been added to the meats). Or our Select Cheese Straws for perfect flavoursome buffet food to keep family and friends going throughout the day. If you’ve any room for more the Glutafin Italian Flat Bread freezes well so can be made ahead of Christmas or saved for the week of New Year!

Our Christmas Dessert orientated blog post will be following shortly but in the meantime we hope you have a very Merry Christmas from everyone at Glutafin. 

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