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Enjoying a Gluten Free Bonfire Night

Date: Thursday 29th October 2015

Bonfire night is just about enjoying good, warm, hearty food than it is about the fabulous firework displays. However being a coeliac doesn’t mean you need to miss out on enjoying delicious food around the bonfire.

Whether you’re hosting or attending a house party with family or friends or going out to a display, we have put together a collection of recipes that we think will go down a treat – all completely gluten free!
If you choose to host a Bonfire night party or attend one yourself, the last thing you want to do is spend the whole time in the kitchen, you want to be socialising and enjoying the festivities outdoors. A warm cup of soup or stew is great to start off the night.

Our Lasagne recipe takes  just 30 minutes to cook and provides up to four servings - prepare two dishes and you’ll have a lovely pasta dish that serves eight of your guests! Similarly if you are attending a Bonfire party, make a lasagne an hour before you’re heading out and you have your gluten free contribution to the party! 

Another popular favourite is jacket potatoes. With various options for toppings (make sure sauces are gluten free also) it’s a meal that will please most.
However, if jacket potatoes aren’t your cup of tea, our Gluten Free Hot Dogs might be for you, top with red onions and ketchup and you won’t regret it!

Let’s not forget dessert! After enjoying the bonfire and fireworks, a sweet treat would be a perfect round up to the night. Taking only 15 minutes to prepare our Sticky Gingerbread Squares is a great idea, making up to 16 squares – enough for everybody!

An alternative option for dessert (especially for the children) could be traditional cupcakes made with our Gluten Free Select White Multipurpose mix, serving 16 it’s perfect for any kind of party!

From everyone here at Glutafin we wish you a Happy and Safe Bonfire Night.

Kindest Regards,

The Glutafin Team. 

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