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Easter Duck Canal Race at Dr Schar

Date: Tuesday 31st March 2015

Duck in the officeFirst 'Dr Schar Charity Duck Race' planned for 2015!

To celebrate Easter at Glutafin we‘re planning to host the first charity 'Dr Schar Charity Duck ‘Race’’ where decorated rubber- ducks will be invited to take part in a short canal race* for charity.

Here in the office we’ll be decorating our ducks before launching them into the canal to see which crosses the finish line fastest!

How can I get involved?

We’ll need the help of our lovely customers to help us decide which duck is the best decorated, before we see which one floats the fastest! 

If you have a facebook or twitter account stay tuned for our duck-gallery to determine which of our ducks takes the biscuit! Gluten free of course ;)

The Glutafin Team

*All ducks will be retrieved from the canal after the event, and we promise that no ducks will be hurt in the making of this competition!

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