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Chocolate and Orange Tiramisu

Date: Wednesday 27th July 2016



Check out this slightly alternative take on the Tiramisu, made with Glutafin Fresh White Bread!


Glutafin Fresh White Loaf x 9 slices (toasted)
250 ml orange juice
300ml double cream
400g mascarpone
2 tsp orange essence
Zest of 1 large orange
200g icing sugar
400g plain or milk chocolate

1tbsp butter

1tbsp golden syrup
Cocoa powder (to dust)
2lb loaf tin


1.    Pour 250ml orange in a flat dish and soak the bread (crusts off) for five minutes. To add a sweet crunch, toast the slices before soaking.
2.    Meanwhile, whisk the mascarpone, icing sugar, orange essence and orange zest together.
3.    Once combined, whip in 300ml double cream to form a stiff mixture… Make sure you keep an eye out – careful not to over whip it.
4.    Leave the creamy mixture to one side whilst melting the chocolate over a hob. Once all the chocolate has melted, stir in 1tbsp butter and 1 tbsp golden syrup and stir until melted.
5.    To assemble, line the loaf tin with clingfilm (as this will make it easier to remove the final product).
6.    Firstly, add a layer of bread at the base of the tin, followed by a layer of chocolate sauce and finally a layer of creamy mixture.
7.    Repeat these steps until all of your ingredients are gone!
8.    Pop in the freezer and chill for 2 hours before transferring to the fridge overnight for best results.  
9.    Once set - remove from the tin (you may need to warm the outside slightly if it’s not for shifting), sprinkle with cocoa powder and serve! 


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