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Date: Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Hi everyone,

If you haven’t already heard the Glutafin team are tackling some of your biggest baking challenges head on to make sure you can enjoy your favourite foods, gluten free! We have an expert team of chefs and dietitian’s plus the widest range of flour mixes available on prescription, so we’re confident we can bake pretty much anything. Just tell us the food you’re missing by entering your baking challenge on our website, we’ll perfect the recipe using one of our mixes and send it especially for you. We may even pick you to receive a FREE sample of one of our flour mixes to help you get started! 

So far we’ve been challenged to make doughnuts, puff pastry, croissants plus many more and have received such positive feedback...


Fish and Chip Supper

Estela missed eating one of Britain's favourite dishes, Fish and Chips...

Thank you very much for the for the fish and chips recipe! I now use Glutafin Gluten Free mix to cook my favourite dishes at home. So far I have tried lots of new recipes on your website such as Banana Bread, Fish and Chips and Ham and Cheese Quiche. I've attached some images to show you, thanks again. 


Rebecca’s son Xander wanted to enjoy chewy bakery cookies again...

"Dear Glutafin Team, thank you so much for taking on my sons challenge for his Chewy Bakery Cookies.  He was so excited to receive the specially printed recipe and pack of flour on Thursday, and just couldn’t wait to get started. The number of cookies left is already greatly reduced! Thank you so much again for the care and attention that you show to your club members, we really appreciate all your hard work."


Jennie and her daughter hoped they could enjoy doughnuts again...

"My daughter has been nagging me for ages to find gluten free doughnuts for her. After your recipe came through I thought I'd give it a go, not expecting much as I'm not the best baker/chef but they were so easy and have come out brilliantly. She is so happy,  I think I'll be making a lot more in the future. Thank you for making a little girl very happy."



Sarjit was so happy that she could enjoy fresh bread again...

"The resultant loaf baked perfectly and is so soft and yummy – must say it is certainly tastier than the normal gluten free bread.  The sliced bread is light springy and lasts without going hard. I love it and am going to try the fibre mix next.  But, for this week I am looking forward to trying the Wrap Recipe. The other half has suggested that perhaps I should attempt to make some part baked rolls for freezing – I am not sure about venturing into that yet but might give it a go. Brilliant product - well done to all at Glutafin - Thank you."  


The Glutafin Team always love to receive your photographs...   


Can we rise to your challenge? Simply complete the form on our website to see! 

We’d love to hear from you if you have tried one of our personalised recipes.  Did the recipe work? Simply leave your comments below or email with your feedback and you could feature as our “recipe of the week” and WIN a FREE Glutafin hamper packed full of goodies!


- The Glutafin Team 


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