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Challenge Us! November

Date: Friday 22nd November 2013

Hi everyone,
Glutafin have been busy tackling lots of your baking challenges again this month to ensure you can enjoy your favourite foods, gluten free!
We have an expert team of chefs and dietitian’s plus the widest range of flour mixes available on prescription, so we’re confident we can bake pretty much anything.  Just tell us the food you’re missing by entering your baking challenge on our website, we’ll perfect the recipe using one of our mixes and send it especially for you. We may even pick you to receive a FREE sample of one of our flour mixes to help you get started!
This month you have challenged us to make Puff Pastry, Pumpkin Pie, Scary Gingerbread Men plus many more and have received such positive feedback...


Erica’s son Samuel can enjoy Sausage rolls again...


“I challenged you to come up with a recipe for Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls. You very kindly sent me a recipe to try. I made them yesterday and am attaching some photos of the completed rolls. My son, Samuel who is the coeliac in the family, tested them warm and cold. His comments were that they were much lighter than the shortcrust ones I normally make him and he would be very happy to eat them again anytime. Thank you very much. Regards, Erica.”


Linda challenged us to Focaccia Bread!


“Dear Glutafin, Thank you for rising to my challenge and giving me a recipe for gluten free & wheat free focaccia bread. I had a go and as you can see by the photos attached it was a roaring success! It was really easy to make and it tasted amazing. I've attempted to make focaccia bread countless times and it never worked and I'd given up. Your recipe resulted in a soft, bouncy middle and a crisp crust. I don't remember having crusty bread ever since I was diagnosed when I was 5, so it was a real treat for me. Thank you so much! Kind regards, Lydia.”


Helen’s mum went without iced buns for 20 years! Now she can enjoy them, gluten free!


“The iced bun recipe you sent was perfect! I requested it to make some for my mum who has been missing them since she was diagnosed with coeliac disease over 20 years ago! She loved them and they were exactly as she remembered. Thanks again, Helen“


Emma and her son love our bagels recipe!


“Hi, You recently sent me a recipe for bagels to make for my son. Well here they are! They may not be the prettiest bagels you ever saw but they worked! And they tasted delicious! My son was chuffed to bits. They were great fun to make too, it was quite a fiddly procedure but I am sure once you have made them a few times they will be easier to do. But my son enjoyed the whole process of making them and then eating them! They were lovely with crispy bacon and scrambled eggs for Sunday brunch! Thanks so much, Emma.”


William was amazed with the results of our apple strudel plait recipe!


“Dear Glutafin, This tasted even better than it looked! The pastry really was 'melt in the mouth' all thanks to glutafin gluten free multipurpose white mix! Our only disappointment was the speed at which it disappeared! The rest of the family could not believe that this was 'gluten free'. Thank you for creating this special recipe for me. Best Wishes, William (14)“


Ian and Heather can now enjoy Chocolate Eclairs!


"Hi to all at Glutafin and a huge thank you for responding to my challenge to make gluten free fresh cream eclairs. I could not believe you supplied a recipe for me and also the mix to make them with. Well, finally we got around to having a go at making them and - wow is all I can say. The eclairs came out just as an eclair should be and were amazing. I have so missed being able to eat things like this although I am lucky in the respect that Heather, my partner, is always willing to have a go at making anything. Yours, Ian and Heather" 


Can we rise to your challenge? Simply complete the form on our website to see! 


We’d love to hear from you if you have tried one of our personalised recipes.  Did the recipe work? Simply leave your comments below or email with your feedback and you could feature as our “recipe of the week” and WIN a FREE Glutafin hamper packed full of goodies!


- The Glutafin Team 


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