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Baking a Christmas Bread by Susie

Date: Thursday 8th December 2011

Well firstly let me introduce myself, I’m Susie and I work for Glutafin on Reception. I’m not your most confident cook but I’ll give anything a go. I chose this gluten free recipe as firstly, it’s seasonal and secondly, we’ve been getting a lot of calls in Customer Services regarding Christmas recipes. So I decided to bake the Glutafin Christmas Bread. 

So here goes...

First things first, I got all the ingredients out of the cupboards and the shopping bags that were required.

Gluten free ingredients for gluten free bakingSo then the baking began. I chose to bake with the Bread Mix but you can use the White mix too. The gluten free bread mixture was really easy to follow; I found it slightly hard to get rid of all of the lumps using the fork though so swapped to a hand whisk to smooth it better. Once that was ready for proving I started on the fruit mixtures...hmmm this bit smells so good!! Watch yourself when doing the orange zest if you’re using a grater though!

I had to improvise on what tin I was to put the ingredients in as I could not find a deep round tin. So I settled for a 9”/22cm square one instead. After greasing and lining the tin the gluten free bread mixture was ready to be mixed with the fruit mixture, the mixture was very sticky when spooning into the lined tin, but I made sure I scraped every last inch out of the mixing bowl. I liked the decorating bit with the cherries and Brazil nuts. I opted for slicing up the brazil nuts so that I could put the brown bits inside and only have the middles facing upwards. Oiling the cling film was a bit messy, but easy enough. Once everything was in the tin, covered up and left to prove I then had time to do all the washing up and cleaning up all the mess I had made...

When I came back to the cake after my lunch, it had doubled in size, filling the tin...

Gluten free stollen cake proving timeFollowing this I popped into the oven for the first 30 minuet bracket, and set a timer to go back and check. Wow it looked so yummy and nicely golden brown. It is worth covering it up with tin foil though as you don’t want it to burn. After the final 20 minutes it had browned slightly more but still looks yummy...

Gluten free stollen cakeI then let it cool completely before sprinkling with icing sugar and then taking it around the Glutafin office! I would definitely recommend adding butter as it makes it so moreish. This cake tastes so good and was a great breakfast treat too. I didn’t tell the office it was gluten free at first and when I did they were all as shocked as it does taste just like gluten stolen bread or fruit loaf. I wonder if your friends and family will be able to tell?

Gluten free stollen cake
I have to say looking at the recipe it shows you have about an hour and half to prepare so you may think I will give it a go. However I would recommend making it when you are at home all day. It could be that I like to take my time and ensure I’m doing everything correctly, but with all the different proving, prepping, mixing, more proving and then baking it certainly took me longer. I would also say that either a round or square tin of this size is suitable, but I wouldn’t recommend anything smaller. In fact I would recommend a square tin if you want to cut it in small slices for breakfast slices rather than as a cake.

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Glutafin Customer


It looks fab I will give this a go well done to you

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