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The Gluten free Easter Egg Hunt!

Date: Monday 4th March 2013

At Glutafin we realise the real Easter egg hunt can often be trying to find delicious chocolate goodies that are gluten free. Often labelling can be confusing, but Glutafin have done the leg work for you! We have contacted many of the major chocolate suppliers and used our Coeliac UK Food and Drink Directory to provide you with a list of Gluten free chocolate you can enjoy over this Easter season.



Button Toy Egg 

Small Buttons Egg 

Medium Crème Egg Egg 

Medium Flake Egg 

Medium Crunchie Egg 

Medium Buttons Egg 

Medium Mini Eggs Egg 

Medium Caramel Eggs Egg 

Large Twirl Egg 

Large Roses Egg 

Large Mini Eggs Egg 

Large Caramel Bunny Egg 

Giant Mini Eggs Egg 

Giant Crème Egg Egg 


Easter Chick 

Crème Egg Minis 

Crème Egg Standard 

Caramel Egg Standard 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Treasure Egg 

Cadbury Caramel Treasure Egg 

Mini Eggs Treasure Egg 

Caramel Bunnies 

Easter Eggs Treasure Egg 

Mini Eggs 

Mixed Mini Filled Eggs Bag 

Crème Egg Splats 



Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Easter Egg – Explorer’s Egg 110g

Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 180g

Organic Fairtrade Dark 70% Chocolate Easter Egg 180g

Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch Easter Egg 180g

Organic Fairtrade Dark Chocolate & Mint Easter Egg 180g

Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Egg with 2 Milk Chocolate Bars – (Butterscotch & Raisin & 

Hazelnut) 380g

Organic Fairtrade Dark 70% Chocolate Egg with 2 Dark Chocolate Bars – (Ginger & Burnt 

Toffee) 380g

Organic Fairtrade Easter Tasting Collection – Dark 70% Choc Egg with Milk Mini Collection & 

Dark Mini Collection 540g



Aero Peppermint Bubbles Insider Egg 

Quality Street Insider Egg 

Randoms Insider Egg 

Aero Collection Giant Egg 

After Eight Premium Egg 

Milk Aero Lamb 



White Lenny Lolly 

Milk Bramble Lolly 

Melts Milk Caramel Treat Egg 

24g Mini Bramble Bunny 

80g White Charlie Chick 

80g Milk Bramble Bunny 

150g Bramble & Lenny Models 

155g Milk Bramble bunny 

200g Milk Benji Bunny 

250g Milk Bramble Bunny 

1.5 kg Giant Bramble Bunny 

98g Mini Melts Caramel Eggs 

105g Milk Chocolate Dippy Eggs 

185g Happy Easter Truffles 

375g Easter Egg Hunt 

150g Football Egg 

150g Butterfly Egg 

153g White Chocolate Egg 

153g Milk Chocolate Egg 

163g Milk Stars Egg 

170g White Bramble Egg 

190g Milk Chocolate Perfect Half Egg 

218g Moments Egg 

228g Melts Egg 

240g No Added Sugar Egg 

242g Milk Smile Egg 

242g Classic Egg 

250g Milk Charlie Chick & Egg 

283g Classics Egg 

288g Continental Egg 

296g 70% Dark Egg 

302g Premium Dark Egg 

303g Premium Egg 

138g Premium Egg 

307g Classics Egg 

310g Toffee Egg 

315g Fudge Egg 

320g Milk Egg 

320g Dark Egg 

320g White Egg 

370g Lace Egg 

430g Banoffie Pie Egg 

465g Tons ‘O’ Toffee Egg 

468g Blackforest Gateau Egg 

480g Full ‘O’ Fudge Egg 

609g Continental Statement Egg 

1kg Marvellously Magnificent Egg 


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john alan portwood


Just diagnosed and your info is really helpful especially as I am a chocoholic!!

Glutafin Customer


1kg of Thorntons egg there goes the wifes diet

Gillian Balloch


Thank goodness I can still have some chocolate! Just diagnosed and trying to find out as much as possible. Thank you.

Glutafin Customer


Thank you so much for this list! This will be my first Easter with coeliac disease and it is really helpful.

Sarah Denison


Thanks for the heads up on Easter chocolate! I might just have to treat myself!

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