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Gift ideas for the coeliac in your life

Date: Sunday 14th December 2014

There’s no better time of year to show the one you love how much they mean to you, than by giving them a gift that’s as special as they are. And whilst Christmas brings the festive delight we all enjoy, it also brings a whole host of difficulties for coeliacs, with more meals out meaning increased vigilance.

So we’ve handpicked the top 10 presents for the coeliac you love, to ensure they get the best gluten free Christmas in 2014!

Hot water bottleA Hot Water Bottle

Easily overlooked, a hot water bottle keeps us toasty warm on chilly nights and serves to relax tummy aches and joint aches if any raise their heads. Give alongside some comfy PJs to ensure your favourite coeliac is dressed to impress on those cozy night in.

Image from: John Lewis


A Breadmaker

A classic option, although at Glutafin we’re very proud of our Fresh Bread products, sometimes nothing beats the smell of a freshly cooked homemade loaf. Panasonic bread makers come with a gluten free bread making setting, which we reference on our recipes here.


ApronA Stylish Apron

Cooking gluten free can be a major part of your life when you’re diagnosed, learning how to cook the things you enjoy with new ingredients and techniques. At times like this it’s nice to have a stylish and durable apron to get you in the mood to cook up a storm!

Image from John Lewis



Gluten Free Cooking Classes

For some gluten free inspiration for the newly diagnosed or long term diagnosed, a coeliac friendly cooking class could really inject some excitement into their gluten free dishes, a unique gift for a special coeliac.


Biscuit holderA Festive Biscuit Holder

Nothing beats the comforting combination of a brew and a biscuit. For an extra festive oomph this gadget keeps your gluten free biscuits separate from the rest of the household; between the packet and your first delicious dunk.

Image from Ebay UK

Colourful Tupperware

Although it doesn’t sound too exciting, there’s been some great developments in pretty Tupperware and colourful food storage, which can really make those gluten free homemade snacks easy and attractive to carry, when you’re out and about.


RestaurantGluten Free Meal Vouchers

Eating out is one of life’s great pleasures, and eating out at a restaurant that’s known for its delicious gluten free dishes is enough to get any coeliac excited.


A Fruit Juicer

At Glutafin we love fruit, which is naturally gluten free and one of your five a day. And what better way to enjoy a fruity treat than with a fruit juicer: great for smoothies, fruity desserts and cocktail making!


ToasterA Quirky Toaster

Cross contamination can be a real problem when you live with people who eat gluten containing bread, and so a separate toaster can help you avoid getting any unwanted gluten on your toast. To make the toaster stand out, you’ll need to make sure its sufficiently stylish and suited to your favourite coeliac’s fashion.

Image from Argos


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