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Sweet and Sour Prawns in Batter Recipe

Pancakes & Batters

Sweet and Sour Prawns in Batter - Glutafin gluten free recipes

Don't miss out on a chinese takeaway with these homemade sweet and sour prawns. You can even make a tasty homemade sweet sauce! 

Preparation time:
10 minutes

Cooking time:
5 minutes

Oven temperature: 170C**deep fat fryer
4 servings


110g/ 4oz Glutafin Select White Mix 
1 x 5ml tsp Yeast enclosed with Mix
1 x 15ml tbsp Vegetable oil
125ml/ 1/4pt Hand hot water
1 pint of prawns

1 sweet pepper
1 large onion
2 tbsp of oil
2 tbsp of light soy sauce (gluten free)
1 heaped tbsp of brown sugar
2-3 tbsp of wine vinegar
1 level tbsp of corn flour
sherry to mix

Gluten-free, wheat-free option
Use 75g/3oz Gluten Free Wheat Free White Mix (plus 1 x 15ml tbsp for dusting) and remaining ingredients as shown above.



 Method for Sauce

1. Slice pepper into small pieces, finely chop 1 large onion

2. Fry the ingredients in a wok or saucepan on a high heat in 2 tbsp of oil

3. When onion begins to go transparent, reduce heat

4. Add two tbsp of light soy sauce (gluten free), add sugar and white wine vinegar to the wok and stir frequently, cook for 2 minutes

5. Put 1 level tbsp of corn flour in a cup and add enough sherry to make a thick paste, add more liquid
(water or sherry) to make up half a cup

6. Add the corn flour mixture to the wok, stirring continuously until it thickens

Serve prawns balls on rice and add sauce onto the prawns

*Proving time: 60 minutes
**Deep fat fryer temperature: 170C

1. Prepare the batter. Place Mix and yeast in a large mixing bowl. Stir together with a fork. Add the oil and hand hot water and mix with the fork to make a smooth runny batter. Set aside in a warm place for an hour until frothy.

2. Take the prawns, dip into batter and coat well,

3. When ready to cook the prawns preheat deep fat fryer to 170°C. Cook in small batches if necessary. Cook for 5 – 6 minutes until the batter is puffed and golden.

4. Remove nuggets with a slotted spoon and drain excess oil from them onto kitchen paper. Serve with salad and a good portion of coleslaw.

To freeze: Not suitable for home freezing.


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