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Lemon and Raisin Drop Scones Recipe

Pancakes & Batters

Lemon and Raisin Drop Scones - Glutafin gluten free recipes

A fruity citrus drop scone, cooked on a griddle or frying pan. Serve as a bread, cake or biscuit alternative. Great for breakfast too served with a spoonful of marmalade.

Preparation time:
20 minutes

Cooking time:
4 minutes

Oven temperature: 0


225g/8oz Glutafin Select Fibre Mix
1 x 5ml tsp Gluten-free baking powder
1 Lemon (grated rind)
75g/3oz Raisins
25g/ 1oz Citrus peel
1 Medium egg
25g/1oz Soft margarine (melted)
225g/8oz Natural yogurt low fat
1 x 15ml tbsp Light and mild olive oil for greasing


1.Place all the dry ingredients into a large bowl with the lemon rind, raisins and mixed peel. Make a well in the centre and gradually add the liquid ingredients. Beat together with a wooden spoon until smooth. Stand for 10 minutes to thicken slightly.
2.Drop the mixture in tablespoonfuls onto a greased and heated griddle or frying pan.
3.Cook for 2-4 minutes on each side until lightly browned and keep warm until all the scones have been made

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