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Festive Walnut and Onion Bread Machine Loaf Recipe

Bread & Rolls

Festive Walnut and Onion Bread Machine Loaf - Glutafin gluten free recipes

This recipe has been developed for the Panasonic bread machines only.

For advice on other makes please call the customer careline

Panasonic Machine Setting : Basic Programme, Bake Rapid Option

Programme Time : 1 hour, 55 minutes

Preparation time:
0 minutes

Cooking time:
0 minutes

Oven temperature: -
1 Loaf


150ml / 5fl oz Just boiled water
2 x 15ml tbsp Dried onion flakes
200ml/7 fl oz Cold water
2 x 15ml tbsp Vegetable oil
500g/ 1 whole box Glutafin Gluten Free Select Multipurpose White Mix
2 x 5ml tsp Yeast enclosed with Mix
½ x 5ml tsp Caster sugar
½ x 5ml tsp Salt
1 x 15ml tbsp Dried skimmed milk powder
50g/2oz Walnuts (roughly chopped)


1. Combine the just boiled water and onion flakes and leave to soak for 5 minutes. Place into the bread pan along with the remaining ingredients in the order listed.

2. Press the Select Button for the Basic Programme

3. Press the Option button once for the Basic Bake Rapid programme to give a 1 hour, 55 minute cycle. Press the Start Button.

4. After 5 minutes open the lid and scrape around the edge of the pan to incorporate any loose Mix.

5. Remove bread from the pan as soon as the programme finishes. Allow to cool before storing in a suitable container. East within 4 days. We have found the best results are achieved by selecting the Basic Programme along with the Bake Rapid Option which gives a 1 hour 55 minute cycle.

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