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Glutafin Gluten Free Select Fresh White Loaf - sliced (400g)

Pharmacy Ordering Code (PIP code): 290-6840
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Glutafin Gluten Free Select Fresh White Loaf - sliced (400g) | Glutafin

 Glutafin gluten free fresh bread

You’ll love the irresistible aroma, delicious flavour and healthy ingredients in this Fresh White Loaf. Our dietitian says these loaves are great for including in a healthy gluten free diet as they are high in fibre and a source of calcium and folic acid. They stay fresh for 8 days, providing you with delicious fresh sandwiches and breakfasts for the whole week. What’s more, our white loaves are freezable for 4 weeks without losing any of their freshness!



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** Recommended Daily Allowance 

# Contains gluten free wheat starch which complies with the internationally agreed criteria for gluten free foods so suitable for a gluten free diet (Codex Alimentarius).

Glutafin Gluten Free Select Fresh White Loaf - sliced (400g) availability

Available over the counter from Pharmacies

Available over the counter from Pharmacies

Glutafin Gluten Free Select Fresh White Loaf - sliced (400g)
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Glutafin Gluten Free Select Fresh White Loaf - sliced (400g) Ingredients

Water, wheat starch#, rice flour, cellulose fibre, thickeners: guar gum, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; soya protein, vegetable fat and oil, quinoa flour, vegetable fibre, rice starch, millet flour, yeast, sugar, salt, rice syrup, honey, calcium citrate, folic acid.

Glutafin Digestive Biscuits Nutrition Information

Typical Values
Per 100g
Per 140g serving (4 slices)

968kJ/ 230kcal
1355kJ/ 321kcal



of which sugars


of which saturates




120mg (15% RDA**)
168mg (21% RDA**)

Folic Acid
30mcg (15% RDA**)
42mcg (21% RDA**)

Contains: Wheat Starch#, Soya.

This product is

  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • High fibre

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Recent Comments...

Have just had my first prescription of white fresh bread, and it tastes just great, and feels like i am eating ordinary bread. Mini crackers are also very tasty. Many thanks
Gaynor Breffit says:
9th March 2013
I've just finished my free sample of fresh white bread and it was delicious. Quite simply the best gluten free bread that I have tasted. Thank you so much
Christine Bolton says:
24th February 2013
I have just tasted the fresh white bread and it is the best bread that I have had. I will definately be ordering it on prescription from now on.
Susan Magola says:
21st February 2013

Gaynor Breffit says:
I really enjoyed your fresh white bread as it didn't crumble like all the others. No microwave first which is great. and will add to my prescrition from now on

7th February 2013
Liz says:
Just tried the free sample you sent. The best bread I've had, well done. Unfortunately still not available on prescription here in East Sussex.

23rd November 2012
Garry Dean says:

my daughter has recently been diagnosed with coeliacs and this is by far the best bread she has tried - as good as normal bread

28th September 2011
Paul Woodward says:
I have just tried my sample of the fresh bread, What a great change from the other brands which all fall to pieces and taste dry many thanks for a fantastic loaf.

6th July 2012
Mike Beeley says:
Glutafin Fresh Sliced White Bread is the only bread I will eat. Looks, smells and tastes just like ordinary bread. There is no substitute. I have no problem getting it on prescription. On my holidays to Spain twice a year, I take 6 loaves with me and then freeze them on arrival - no problem getting it through HM Customs - 3 in flight bag and 3 in suitcase.

15th June 2012
Thomas Harvey says:
at last real bread and rolls

3rd April 2012
Chris Watkiss says:
I have just tried the Glutafin Fresh White Bread which was included in my hamper and was SO happy to actually have something which tastes like 'real' bread.
I can now enjoy Bacon & Egg butties without them falling to pieces as I try to eat them!!

Well done Glutafin for making it a little easier to stick to this gluten free diet :-)

30th March 2012
Shaun says:

The taste is fantastic, the texture superb. I love egg on toast, buttered toast, jam on toast...(shame I cant have chicken crisp sandwiches!)

6th March 2012
Joan Blakemore says:

have just tried my sample of white bread it is the best gluten free bread I have tried, fantastic, it did not fall apart as most breads do and the taste was just like bread as I remember it. I have not bothered to buy or order bread on prescription for a long time as it is usually so bad I would rather go without, but I will be ordering this on prescription as soon as I can. Thanks!

16th March 2012
Joanna Griffiths says:
Just opened our first pack of this - my daughter is delighted to be eating something which looks and tastes like 'normal' bread - after a year of gluten free living it is lovely to finally hear her say this, thank you Glutafin!

11th August 2010
Lynsey Dennett says:
Enjoyed every minute of this bread, and would like to purchase this product. Can you tell me if you can only get this on prescription only.

6th December 2011
Richard Risebrow says:
What a difference a loaf makes! I now have a bread which I can eat as a sandwich and don't have to toast. Well done, keep up the good work. However I am concerned of restrictions being placed on us and the suggestion that we should be given long life bread from the supermarket to save money according to Mr Cameron. I thought the days of eating sawdust had gone now I live in fear of what might be in the pipeline.

31st October 2011
Jen says:

18th August 2011
Susan Davies says:
Thanks for my free sample. THIS IS REALLY GREAT BREAD.
I've tried most that are available and found I would rather go without but now thanks to you I can at last enjoy a sandwich again.

***************WELL DONE GLUTAFIN***************

If only my doctors would read my request properly I might be able to get more.

12th March 2011
Charlotte Cutts says:
Best bread since "real" sliced bread !! Tastes good. Slice size better for making sandwiches. What a treat to have a "proper" sandwich. Thank you - nicest, most enjoyable edible gift I have had for years. *****

8th March 2011
Gaynor Abbott says:
This new loaf is brilliant. This is the first time in 10 years that my son has been able to have a real sandwich. Opened up a whole new way of life for him and made my job a lot easier only problem we find is that due to new units way of doing things we have a limit on how many we can get.

25th August 2010
Stephen Wildman says:
best so far. if you keep improving your products like this it could be better than 'real bread'
i have just taken a loaf on holiday and it kept fresh for a week

22nd October 2010
Lynn Proffitt says:
Just received the new fresh white loaf from my pharmacy. Was very surprised at the new packaging. Even more surprised at the new size of the slices, and the lovely soft feel to the bread. I am very pleased with the improvements. Sandwiches will be so much better now. Toasts lovely as well. Well done Glutafin...

29th July 2010
Gerald Gibson says:
Hi Thanks for the sample of the new brown loaf I would recommend it. I have had some great sandwiches and the taste is very good Well Done


14th August 2010
Ruth Barker says:
this bread is one of a kind the best by far just like bread that's from a bake house, it's taste is great and doesn't crumble already added this to my next prescription

24th September 2010
Georgina Measey says:
Got a loaf of fresh white bread in my sample pack. Safe to say this is the BEST gluten free bread I have eaten! Very impressed and can't wait to order some more

4th November 2010
Sandra Jones says:
Had free sample of brown bread great bread
good for sandwiches and toast.
I also tried toasted cheese and ham sandwich
good size to fit in machine.

27th September 2010
Fionnuala Moynes says:
Was surprised to come home and find a package of the new glutafin fresh brown bread waiting for me and was delighted with the new texture and taste. Its nice to finally have a bread that doesn't crumble when taken out of the packet. Will definitely be adding this to my prescription.

27th August 2010
Hugh Mckay says:

Thanks for the free sample of fresh brown, great size, a real sandwich and good toast. Good taste.
Looking forward to it being available in Northern Ireland.


24th August 2010
John Macmillan says:
The new bread is absolutely fantastic, it looks, feels and smells like ordinary everyday bread. It toasts well and I am delighted with the new size. Enjoyed my freebie brown loaf and will be adding it to my prescription list as well as the white. Well done Glutafin and thanks.

22nd August 2010

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