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We explain more about our Gluten Free Select range

Sometimes we get asked, some of your products say Gluten Free Wheat Free and some say Gluten Free, so are they all suitable for me when following a gluten free diet?


Yes our products are specifically made for coeliacs and are all gluten free. 

Our Gluten Free Select range has an ingredient called Codex wheat starch, and we sometimes call it ‘gluten free wheat starch’. Codex wheat starch is a specially manufactured starch, and Glutafin has had all of the gluten removed to a level below the legal limit of 20ppm. At this level people with coeliac disease can eat these foods in unlimited amounts. Glutafin has ensured the Codex wheat starch is gluten free but not all brands will manufacture the wheat starch in this way, so always read the label and ensure the product is labelled as ‘gluten free’ for it to be safe to eat. 




glutafin gluten free fresh fibre loaf   glutafin gluten free fibre loaf  
glutafin gluten free select multi purpose white mix




Our Gluten Free Wheat Free range does not contain Codex wheat starch, and instead the ingredients used in these products are derived from a combination of maize, potato, rice and soya flour. 



 gluten free pizza base         gluten free white mix Glutafin gluten free crackers




A small number of particularly sensitive coeliacs may be advised to avoid any products containing gluten free wheat starch by their healthcare professional. If you are one of them, our Gluten Free Wheat Free range provides the perfect choice.


For more allergen and ingredient information see the Glutafin products checklist in our product guide.


Enjoy our delicious product range! 


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