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Tips for travelling gluten free when you are a coeliac!

Travelling gluten free? is a website by our parent company Dr. Schar for anyone on a gluten free diet that wants to eat out, travel and shop without compromising their gluten free diet, wherever they are in the world. It has the biggest online selection of top-quality shops, B&B's and restaurants for when you're out and about. There are currently more than 30,000 shops and restaurants to choose from, and the selection is continually expanding as we discover more and more new places. 


Find out some travel tips that has been sent into us by coeliacs below: 

  • Make sure you keep your cupboards stocked with gluten free supplies, which you can take with you on a weekend away. 

  • Practise a couple of gluten free recipes, so you can cook something quickly when you have to – take a look at our gluten free recipe ideas. 

  • Cook lovely pasta sauces, lasagnas, pies, cakes etc in bulk and stick them in the freezer – clearly labelled with dates and marked with a gluten free description – so you'll always have your own ready meals to hand. 

  • Keep a few gluten free snacks (Glutafin biscuits, mini crackers and crackers are ideal as in portion packs) at work, in your car, briefcase, handbag or rucksack, to make sure you have something to snack on at any time of the day.

Travelling gluten free in the car then why not...


  • Plan and prepare your gluten free meals and snacks before you leave as much as possible so you can have an easy meal while on the road.

  • If you’re on the road for a while, take a cool box to keep your gluten free bread or sandwiches and drinks at the right temperature.

Eating gluten free abroad?

Holidays are another potential hazard for those with coeliac disease. Here are some helpful hints for a healthy, happy and gluten free holiday.


Travelling gluten free on the plane

gluten free travelling

  • Most airlines offer a specially prepared coeliac meal but do usually need at least 24-96 hours notice, so it is best to reserve your meal in advance – at the time of booking if possible. But would advise when you get to the check-in do double check you will gain a gluten free meal on the flight.



gluten free tipJen our gluten free blogger recommends you definitely phone up the airline to check it has been ordered as it is always hard to order at the desk in the airport. But she does say if they can't get you a meal on the way there, try for the flight back!


  • You should also take your own gluten free snacks to munch on during the flight although you may need to dispose of any uneaten food before you get to your destination, depending on the country's customs' regulations. Don't be tempted by regular plane meals. Even if they don't seem to include any foods containing gluten, you can’t guarantee they weren't prepared in a gluten free environment.

  • Your gluten free meal will be allocated to your seat number so if you end up moving seats then make sure to tell the cabin crew that you have moved seats and give them your new seat number.

  • Always bring emergency food supplies – despite the airline’s best efforts to provide you with a gluten free meal, things beyond your control can go wrong. If you are boarding a plane where you cannot order a gluten free meal, eat before you get on the plane.

  • You can always bring your own airline meals – sandwiches etc, remember to place everything in zip-lock bags because of the changing cabin pressures.

  • Bring along snacks that need no extra preparation that can be eaten anywhere – i.e. gluten free rice cakes, nuts, dried fruit.

  • You can also ask for a note off your doctor explaining your need to bring food along.

Staying gluten free in self-catering apartments

  • This is normally the easiest option as you can prepare your food yourself and be sure that your food has been prepared in a safe environment.

  • It is worth bringing food with you for example, big bags of Glutafin pasta and longer life bread and rolls along to help with the ease of cooking whether you’re going abroad or not – just check with your airline operator your luggage allowance.

  • Again, remember to pack some gluten free snacks too!

  • Do a bit of research and try to find some gluten free restaurants near where you are staying if you fancy a night off cooking!

  • Try to stay somewhere near a supermarket so replenishing the fridge isn’t stressful!

  • If you are staying abroad you may see our parent company Schar products which are gluten free. Schar products are in a number of countries including USA, Turkey, and Europe. 

Staying gluten free in Hotels

  • If you're planning to stay at a hotel, ask your travel agent to find you one that can cater for gluten free diets – especially if you're thinking of going all-inclusive (visit for coeliac-friendly hotels that have been recommended by visitors who have an understanding of gluten intolerance).

  • Bring food from home for emergencies. Or just in case you want a snack!

  • Try to book a room with a fridge to keep any food cool.

hotel room

  • Have a look to see whether the hotel is situated near a supermarket or grocery store; it’s a great place to stock up on natural gluten free food.

  • Ask if your hotel is happy to refresh gluten free bread but if toasting, see if you can get it done under a grill as the hotel's toasters may be filled with crumbs from regular bread.

  • Ask your hotel reception or travel agent whether there are any gluten free restaurants or supermarkets with speciality gluten free food.

  • Ask the hotel reception or travel agent whether the chef can take you through the menu or the buffet and highlight which is gluten free. Don’t feel fussy, it is better to ask than to feel ill after. Our gluten free blogger Jen does it on every holiday! 

  • Do some research on the typical types of gluten free foods and foods available in the country you're going to, so you're more prepared when you eat out.

  • Use the Internet to find more advice on travelling abroad for people with coeliac disease.

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