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Gluten Free Prescription Payments

Do I need to pay for a gluten free prescriptions?

In most cases you will have to pay for your gluten free prescriptions, unless you are normally exempt (for example, if you’re over 60, a child, on income support or pregnant). The amount you pay for prescriptions varies between GPs but usually you will need to pay one prescription charge for each line on your prescription. The prescription charge in England is £7.65. Multiple orders of a particular food (e.g. eight loaves) will only incur one prescription charge.


Is there a cheaper way? Find out more about Pre-paid certificates (PPC)

If you are likely to pay four or more prescription charges over three months, or at least fourteen charges over twelve months, then you can save money by buying a Pre-Payment Certificate (PPC). Most people with coeliac disease buy a pre-payment certificate, which covers the cost of all prescription items, and is cheaper than paying for them one at a time. 

In England you can now make great savings on your gluten free prescription all year round with an annual prescription pre-payment certificate. Just one yearly charge of £104 covers all your prescriptions for the entire 12 months. In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales all prescriptions are free.

To apply for a pre-payment certificate ask your Pharmacist for an FP95 form. Alternatively, you can buy one over the phone by calling 0845 850 0030 or go online, and complete the prescription PPC form (as seen below), or download a postal version from their website. 


 gluten free prescription

How often should I get a gluten free prescription?

Most people choose to renew their gluten free prescription on a monthly basis, but you can do what’s easiest for you. Talk about your needs with your GP and don’t be afraid to change the frequency of your gluten free prescription to fit your needs.


How do repeat gluten free prescriptions work?

Check your GP’s surgery procedures. Some require 48 hours to issue a repeat gluten free prescription, although some deliver them straight to your pharmacy. Once your pharmacist has your gluten free prescription they can order your Glutafin products, which can usually be collected in a few days.

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